Wish You Were Here

by Gabe Adels

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Written Spring 2015, Recorded Summer 2015


released November 10, 2015

Nina Ryser plays bass, drums and sings on Wish you Were Here.
She plays bass and sings on Twin Peaks.

Artwork by Rufus Paisley



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Gabe Adels

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Track Name: Wish You Were Here
Wish that you were here
to alleviate the fear
in my chest, when I feel that I'm the worst
and the best in a corner of the earth.
Not everything's about this, but everything it is.
And I don't try to wrap my head around it
I just take it as it is.

Only need your reassurance
everybody is insane.
Wanna speak our secret language,
wanna pick your special brain.
Only you can understand me
but you're no where to be found.
When I look at everything around me
your presence is abound.
Track Name: Cabin in the Woods
I don't like it when you lose the key
to the golden locket that holds me dreams.
I can't get another like the other did
and I can't uncover scrambled visions.

And I cannot tell if it's you or me
that live inside this haunted cabin
that keeps recurring.

I can't remember what I used to do
that made it easy to meet you deep inside the woods.
Now I'm lost in wonder, wandering for years
and I found new sneakers that I thought were yours.

And I cannot tell if you've already left
this haunted place between life and death.
The rendezvous I missed.
Track Name: Twin Peaks
Stay with me a while
this could be the night
We're making out watching Twin Peaks
I'd say its time to flip down the screen
and turn out all the lights.
You've stayed till 4 AM now
I'd say you should just stay the night.

Walk with me a time
falling through the ice
you're great at talking to me
though I did have a dream that we were petting my cat
and we started making out.
You wanna make my dreams come true?
Cuz girl you know that I do.
Track Name: Cave Horn
Ringing my cave horn
Track Name: Carryon
Faded in the sun
ignored by everyone
passing by you in a truck
the likes of which struck you.
And in another month
you won't even be a smell
seeping up into my nostrils
reminding me of what I am.

Living along with phenomena that makes me wanna ride again
living alone with my brother Jonah decomposed in time again
who's the lucky one? Lucky bones that crack and grow up strong in time again
holding my own hoping to grow old and open to the sun again

Melting in the rain
a pile of mush again
legs folded underneath
intestines in the brains
vultures gathered round
the one laid on the ground
they circle as I pass by
to see if I will last or die.

I've been left out, struck by something other than a moving vehicle
I can pronounce some or other words on dying lips of animals
speaking to me every other minute that I see carrion
feeling the rain and another reason to keep up the pedaling.
Track Name: El Paso Architecture
Highways are my life I can't find how to get around or through.
Track Name: Tiny Mysterious Universe
Hold my skin hold my spirit closer in
to the mystery of the tiny mysterious universe
Anything important Im forgetting you the version that I introduced from you to me to you to me to you.
Never heard of liking it for me to hold you in one arm and tell you that I've lost it in a new magnetic field.

Roll me o topple to the moon I don't you know.
Let me go circumambulate the globe.
Reposition your old magnitude into a new magnetic field oh I converted it a long, long time from here
you're the same old person that I am the same old person that I left before I thought i knew forever on your own.

We can be together, ok. In storm
or whether or not, we need each other always
at least we now I know.
Track Name: RememBer
I'm gonna try to remember this moment for the rest of my life.
Track Name: Cocoon
I remember the elevator down the hallway into your cocoon.
You were sleeping I was playing trying to laugh cuz there was nothing left to do.
Other families walking past me, never speaking, nothing to say.
Having no one understanding the only way through is my own way.

Now that we've been through we can do anything
look at the leaves like you'll never be the same
hold your hands to me my whole family
one last time before you slip through the grain.

In the hospice songs are only way to push what you have to do
no more medicine, no recovery, no more loved ones, only you
we can sing your way to the afterlife but we can't sing your way through
watch the king's face turn from pale to white
feel for his last heartbeat too.

Never believed I'd watch you dying
now that its happening it weirdly makes sense
all that you've shown me wasn't just fantasy
my whole life you were preparing me for this.
Track Name: Someday
Someday I'll have